BSCH has a selection of shelf companies for sale with various incorporation dates to suit your needs. Whether you need a company which is 6 months old or 3 years old, we will have a shelf company for you.

If you would like to discuss your particular requirements with an expert, please call us 087 250(BSCH)2724.


What Is A Shelf Company

A shelf company is a company which has been registered and left with no activity for several months or even years to age. The aged company can then be bought by yourself and transferred into your name.

We register several companies each month for the sole purpose of becoming shelf companies. You can then buy one of these companies, change the name of the company, change the directors and shareholders into your own name then you are the legal owner of an established company.

Why Should I Buy A Shelf Company

One of the main reasons to purchase a shelf company is to create an appearance that the business has been established for longer than it actually has.
It’s possible to purchase a shelf company which was formed 3 years ago, this gives the impression to clients and investors that you have been running the business for 3 years when in fact you’ve only recently purchased the company.

Where Can I Find A List Of The Shelf Companies For Sale

Click here to see our up-to-date list of available shelf companies. This list is updated on a daily basis to ensure all information is up to date.

How Do I Purchase A Shelf Company?

Purchasing a shelf company from BSCH is easy, simply follow the following check list.

  1. Take a look at the list of our current ready made shelf companies on the packages tab, this list is sorted by incorporation date so you can find a company with the age you require.
  2. Call us on 087 250(BSCH)2724 or send us an email to info@bsch.co.za with the name or age of the shelf company you would like to purchase, can complete the form.
  3. We will then reply with a quote of how much the shelf company is to buy
  4. If you’re happy with the price then we just need a few details from yourself such as the new company name, the new registered office and your address details
  5. We will then transfer the company over to you and send out all the relevant paperwork.

To avail the benefits of pre-registered companies and buying a company from us is a very simple process. We have a large number of ready-made company names with suitably drafted business documents ready for immediate transfer in your name. Each company is certified to have not been traded, and having the ability to trade in virtually any business area preferred, irrespective of the name.

Verified Company Names - All company names list have been verified with CIPC, and the governing legislation, i.e. Companies Act, before listing. All company names have been ensured for availability, suitability, and free of sensitive of objectionable words or phrases; these include the use of words such as "international", "holding", "group," etc.